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Pet Hospital

Our veterinary practice has a wonderful staff of veterinarians, making us the best veterinary surgery center in Columbia, Maryland. All of our pet care services are safe, secure, and professional so you can feel secure bringing your pet to our veterinary hospital in your time of need. Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia is a veterinary clinic with an exceptional team of doctors and specialists who are truly dedicated to making your pets healthy and happy again!

Dr. McPartlandDr. FeinsteinDr. Walters

Dr. Feinstein is getting a standing hug from one of our fuzzy patients! As the owner of the practice, Dr Feinstein creates at friendly and fun atmosphere at our pet hospital. She has served pets again and again since we opened in 1984.

Dr McPartland is the main surgeon at our pet hospital and she has over 25 years of experience. She lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters and is pictured here with some chickens from her coop at home.

Dr Walters is getting a hug from a friend she met on a recent trip to Africa. As a recent transplant from New York, we are thrilled to have her at our pet clinic. She lives with her husband and two naughty cats named Bart and Scarlett.

For safe and compassionate treatment or to request more information about any of our veterinary services, please schedule an appointment with our veterinary hospital today by calling 410-995-6880.